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Mixed Media on Canvas

12" x 9"

whereturtle info with paint.png
$48.00 USD
projector comic.jpg

Artist Statement

I always have a special place in my heart for Kachoo from childhood, but that also applies to Spitechu.

There’s something in the choice, to change form or not, that was so powerful about these two. Realistically, the stats are just much better from one form to the other, but now, I have this mental block, of what if they just don’t want to? That should be okay too.

Coconut's Critique

A single pop-art styled character sits at the center of the canvas, ¾ view, facing the right. The linework variation on the bottom anchor point swoops up on the left side, in a dramatic curve, interrupted by the width at the center, adding a dynamic movement to the tail. At the end of the curve is a large, lightning bolt shape, extending slightly to the right, mimicking the action of pointing, that is both reflecting in the characters hand and ear, creating a sense of the character angrily pinning blame on a figure out of view.


The bright orange of this canvas, with butter yellow accents, is bold, but even bolder is the glaring eggshell white of the stomach—offset by the foot position in front. Small bits of brown tone the piece.

The second in a set with Kachoo the butter yellow accents match between the two canvases.

$48.00 USD

The Electric Collection

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