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自 分 の 青 春 を 掴 ま う

(celebrate your inner child)

About Us

About Us

Rawry and Pohly are the childhood teddy bears of the artists.



Each canvas is hand painted individually and utilizes

Warhol inspired screen printing techniques.

An imperfect journey attempting to

perfectly recreate the past.

Canvas Paintings
Art Prints
The World of Kiwi

Art Gallery

art gal·ler·y


A place for the display or sale of art

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The World of Kiwi

Who is Kiwi, and what does it mean to apply your inner child in the real world?


Kiwi is the wonder of a new fact, the surprise of a new skill, the awe of talent,

and the pursuit of a childhood question, rephrased: 


“What else would you like to be now that you’ve grown up?”

- 自分の青春を掴まう -

Chef Kiwi

Culinary Arts & the Inner Child

Business Kiwi

Business & the Inner Child

A subscription designed by our teddy bears,

not business people.

It's gonna be good.

Thank you for subscribing to what will be the world's

best subscription.

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