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Mixed Media on Canvas

8" x 10"

kachoo info msall and resized.png
$37.00 USD

Artist Statement

In 2015 I asked Pohly if he could paint me a set of the four starters for our living room. In the original set that he made for me, I asked that Kachoo be 9" x 12" rather than 8" x 10" (like the other three) because, to me, yellow was the most important of the four. 


My first game was yellow. Even though the character of Kachoo is not my favourite in the game anymore, I always held a special love of that character stemming back to the television show. My very first experiences with art and what scaffolded my love of art originated with Derpemon.

Coconut's Critique

This striking canvas depicts a single Kachoo, front-facing, with ears and tail perked. The bold black linework accentuates the stark use of shape to create the form, flicking off the edges in deliberate, 

sketch-styled strokes. Notable features include a rectangle body with slight half-moon curve to indicate the face, two elongated half-circles for ears, and trapezoidal tale. 


The body of the Kachoo melds effortlessly with the flat, bright butter yellow of the background, iconic to Rawry & Pohly’s works. In minimalistic fashion, the piece finds truth in the simplicity of design, while simultaneously anchoring a pop-art styled figure as the center.


Flashes of yellow intersperse the deep black of the linework, in a deliberate exhibition of the artist’s hand. Two bold crimson circles anchor the face, just below the asymmetrical eyes, purposefully juxtaposed in size.


The ‘derpy’ or ‘humorous’ aspect of canvas originates with the calculated reduction of limb size, body detail, and enlarged ears.

$37.00 USD

The starter set

The Electric Collection

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