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Electric Set

 Complete Collection of Two (2)

 Mixed Media on Canvas


best color kachoo straight.png



spite straight DIGITAL.png


$80.00 USD
sassy sketch.png
chillmeleon sketch.png
cherzerdd sketch.png

Artist Statement

The long, straight lines on the bottoms of these three are so difficult to do. I always stress a lot trying to make them perfectly straight. Out of the three sets, this is definitely the most difficult set to paint, overall, but I can’t get over how happy this one is. The bright colours and those eyes on Cherzerd. They still make me smile.

Coconut's Critique

A triptych series of canvases are all portrait orientation, a deviation from the other series.


The use of negative space above accentuates the stark, straight, horizontal line on the bottom. The vertical center lines create a line of action that mimics the portrait orientation of the canvases. The colours flip from honey orange to crimson red to honey orange, echoed in part by the flames on the tails.

$80.00 USD
Complete set of 3 Canvases

The Electric Collection

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