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Mixed Media on Canvas

12" x 9"

whereturtle info with paint.png
$48.00 USD
projector comic.jpg

Artist Statement

Whereturtle is clearly plotting something. 

He’s trying to hide inside his shell, but like, really, what is he up to?

I always thought he kind of looked like a devious little turtle.

Coconut's Critique

In perhaps the most prevalent use of additional colours to the ubiquitous background wash that demarks the Rawry & Pohly style, this right-facing character is drawn inwards, the larger shapes on the outside, pulling the viewer’s attention to the finer details in the center.


Straight lines sharply accentuate both the bottom and center of the character.  The large brown crescent of a shell, embellished with a bluish-white pastel line, cups the figure.  The sandy beige of the stomach, with the interlaced eggshell white of the claws, draw the eye inwards from the minimalist wash of the dark sky blue.


The space this piece takes up on the canvas is one of the largest in the Rawry & Pohly collection.

$48.00 USD

The water set

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