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Mixed Media on Canvas

16" x 12"

blastball info resized.png
$58.00 USD
projector comic.jpg

Artist Statement

Early depictions of Blastball were always these large, flattened looking things.  We both loved that style. The accidental feeling of an image stretched beyond its limits.  This canvas is a reflection of that.


Fun fact: the colour of his background and ears have changed overtime, but the biggest change is by far the ears.  The original ears were a darker, more ultramarine blue, but it was very hard to work with as a paint.

Coconut's Critique

A single ¾ view figure is at the center of this shark blue canvas.  The use of rounded shapes distends
he character’s body, tapering linework giving the further illusion of the circular nature of the stomach.  The bold, black linework accentuates the stark use of shape to create the form.  This work deviates from the norm of the sketch-styled lines used most commonly by Rawry & Pohly, instead, presenting a more uniform, sleek look.


This work deviates in other ways from the norm of the minimalistic style Rawry & Pohly employs; the eyes are in a normal position, the proportions are less exaggerated, and there are more details.

$58.00 USD

The water set

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