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Water Set

 Complete Collection of Three (3)

 Mixed Media on Canvas

straight on.png
Whereturtle Straight.png
PNGBlastball Straight new.png







$138.00 USD
squirt sketch.png
wherturtle SKETCH.png
blastball sketch.png

Artist Statement

I can’t get over Squirtless’s little lip, quivering, haha, or the plotting whereturtle, his little angry eyes, and then giant Blastball, just derping on the side. Everytime I look at this series, I notice something different, which is insane, because there aren’t that many lines and I can tell you, I’ve looked at these a lot.

Coconut's Critique

The characters in the water set triptych fill the space of their canvases, giving the pieces a size and weight that carry forwards, creating a unique feeling of width and squareness. The hues move from pastel to deep azure blue.


A tawny brown accent pulls the three pieces together.

$138.00 USD
Complete set of 3 Canvases

The water set

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