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Mixed Media on Canvas

8" x 10"

squirtless info.png
$37.00 USD
projector comic.jpg

Artist Statement

Squirtless was immediately seen as square shapes.  We reimagined this normally spunky personality as a introverted sense of self.  To accomplish this, we utilized a lot of heavy lines that weighed down on him.  Sometimes all we need is a hug, and Squirtless is here to show that that's OK.

Coconut's Critique

Squirtless features a single figure anchored near the bottom of a small, 8"x 10" canvas. The figure is a series of rectangular shapes. The protrusion of the tail, squared as well, being the starkest deviation. With wide, off-set eyes, and a sorrowful lip, the figure’s defining feature is the massive intersection of bold, black lines on the chest.


The sky blue background incorporates the edges of the canvas, utilizing and expanding the negative space of the medium. 

$37.00 USD

The water set

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