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Mixed Media on Canvas

9" x 12"

yolo info.png
$48.00 USD
hugs comic long.jpg

Artist Statement

Yolosaur was one of the more complicated of the minimalist pieces. We started realizing that not all of the works could so closely approximate singular shapes, such as the half-circle of Derpasaur.

However, minimizing the piece was still very important, and the 2D appearance really drives that home.

Coconut's Critique

The second work of a triptych collection titled “The Grass Set,” this piece carries more perspective and weight, while simultaneously retaining the essential minimalistic features of the previous designs. The punch pink on the bulb blossoms out of three brilliant yellowish-green leaves. The weight of the piece is carried by the figure on the bottom, balancing on eggshell white, clawed toes, and snaggleteeth.


The negative space at the top of this vertically-oriented canvas opens the space that the hefty weight of the bottom applies.

$48.00 USD

The Grass set

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