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Mixed Media on Canvas

16" x 12"

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$58.00 USD
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Artist Statement

The yellow crown on the flower used to be particularly difficult to paint. Our yellow was a little transparent and we didn’t realize that until we were painting a number of these in a row. We had to put seven layers of yellow on that crown to make it the right hue and opacity. Seven. Layers. Do you know how long that takes? So. Long. So. Freaking. Long. After a while, we bought a better quality paint, and this piece only took one layer. I still kick myself thinking about it.

Coconut's Critique

A single, front-facing character sits in the center of this landscape-oriented 12" x 16" canvas, tiling to the right. A large flower blooms, lifted by a wide stalk on top of the creature’s back. The petals of the flower, resembling the wings of a plane, tilt to the side and culminate in a flat line, parallel to the flat line across the bottom of the character.


Two, asymmetrical dyes stair slightly to the left. Yellow-green leaves, utilizing bold strokes of tapered lines, adorn the face and accent the sides. The melding of linework into linework here is a deviation from other Rawry & Pohly works, experimenting with black shadowed lines.

$58.00 USD

The Grass set

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