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Mixed Media on Canvas

8" x 10"

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$37.00 USD
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Artist Statement

Reducing the size and complexity of this character to fit a minimalist view wasn’t easy. To this day, we find it difficult to create characters as simplistic as these original designs, as the groundwork for the minimization and dynamic shape-work of these pieces was an exceptional labour of time.

Coconut's Critique

In a slight deviation from their other works, the stark, flat, tea-green background of Derpasaur matches the character’s bulb, rather than the colour of the body. Filled with rounded, half-moon crescents, and curving linework, this piece draws from the circle for the majority of its composition. The tapered flatline along the bottom creates the illusion of movement.


The bubbling texture often found in the spots of the body is unique to that specific hue found in other Rawry & Pohly works.

$37.00 USD

The Grass set

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