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Grass Set

 Complete Collection of Three (3)

 Mixed Media on Canvas


Derpasaur Straight new color.png



Yolosaur Straight.png



Herpaderpasaur Straight.png


$138.00 USD
derp sketch.png
yolosaur sketch.png
sketch herpa.png

Artist Statement

Derpasaur’s little flipper feet make me laugh. They are so silly and so ridiculous. Honestly, I’m glad that design was one of our first because I love them and I’m not sure we’d have made it that way now, which would’ve been an absolute shame. Yolosaur is like his stalky, older brother, and Herpaderpasaur has always reminded me of a leaning plane. His weird head shape and sideways leaf just get me. His crown, though, will always remind me of painting seven layers of yellow until we upgraded to a more opaque paint. So many layers.


These are some of my favourite colours, to be honest, but I’m also partially blue/green colourblind so that’s kind of hilarious.

Coconut's Critique

The shapes of the physical canvases behind the artwork create an interesting shape when placed together

as a triptych, almost creating an art piece on their own. This unique shape accentuates the length of the final piece, with the long, leaning, french rose pink cutting across the canvas.


The use of negative space both above the canvases center the works, giving them additional focus and weight, as well as accentuating their relative height. This all creates a superficial feeling of line across the three canvases and adding to their overall effect when placed together.

$138.00 USD
Complete set of 3 Canvases
ziptie comic.jpg

The Grass set

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