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Mixed Media on Canvas

8" x 10"

sassy info.png
$37.00 USD
bird poop comic.jpg

Artist Statement

A vibrant, ripe orange fills the canvas’ negative space around the stark single figure in the center. Notable differences in this design from other Rawry & Pohly works is the placement of the eyes, protruding outside of the curving of the face, and the crisp straightness of the intersecting, formulating lines.


The striking use of bold colours and variated line weight carry the heft of the minimalistic piece, offering the viewer a lucid and unhindered experience of the character at the center.

Coconut's Critique

When we began this project we decided that each of the four starters would not only be a primary colour, but they would also each be a unique shape.  We came up with a square (Squirtless), circle (Derpasaur), rectangle (Kachoo) and the last was triangle for Sassymander.


Developing Sassymander utilizing triangle as the main prompt became an unexpected challenge.  How do you turn a character into triangles when they are mostly rounded?


This was our final answer to that question and I promise you’ll notice more triangles in the design the longer you look at it.

$37.00 USD

The Fire set

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