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Mixed Media on Canvas

9" x 12"

chillmeleon info RESIZED.jpg
$48.00 USD

Artist Statement

Some characters are classically depicted as angry or stubborn. This is one of those characters that never seems to get a break. When we started working on this piece, we decided that he would finally get to be chill and laid-back. To design a character in opposition to their nature and common depictions was both a challenge and a risk, but we really liked the idea and thus chillmeleon was born!

Coconut's Critique

A left-facing character smokes a small twig, with a yellow-green leaf and smoldering bright yellow ember. The eyes depict a ¾ viewpoint, one outside of the head. Embellishments detail the work with claws, a laid-back stomach, and rope-like tail that balances the relaxed nature of the character’s stance.


The sparse use of variated linework, alongside the thinner nature of the lines, culminating in a piece that is complex, but not overbearing.


This work, in a deviation from the ones before it, employs tapering techniques to tone down the straight lines.

$48.00 USD

The Fire set

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