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Mixed Media on Canvas

12" x 16"

cherzerd info resized.png

The Fire set

comic long format.jpg

Artist Statement

Cherzerd is, in many ways, a rebellion against the classic depictions of the character. We both just wanted him to finally be happy.


The bright orange compliments his happy, shaking hands. A fine derp indeed!

Coconut's Critique

As the final piece in the triptych ‘The Fire Set’ this vibrant orange canvas depicts a single, buoyant, winged, dragon-esque character. The character faces ¾ view towards the left, the broad swoop of his nose continues into his mouth creating the sense of a giant, effervescent smile.


Motion lines above the hands give the appearance of shaking in excitement.


The bottom left of the design carries the most interesting anchor of the piece, a tapered acute angle that extends out along the bottom in a straight line. Narrow lines pull the eye towards the body of the figure.

$58.00 USD
$58.00 USD
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