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Mixed Media on Canvas

10" x 8"

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$37.00 USD
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Artist Statement

This piece is most often compared to Invader Zim in style, which makes sense, given the line weights and the tongue. We actually didn’t intentionally paint the piece in that style, but it’s a huge compliment everytime we hear it, because we both loved the show.

Coconut's Critique

Pointing mischievously towards the left, the stark, straight lines along the hand, and intersections in the body are explicitly pronounced. Large droplets fall off the massive, blush tongue that lolls at the center of this design.


Stark lines flick towards the right, creating the wispy movement of the piece. The eyes follow the iconic asymmetric style, one smaller and one larger.


This canvas was the first of the artist’s prolific 8X10 series of paintings to be rotated into a landscape position.

$37.00 USD

The ghost set

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