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Mixed Media on Canvas

8" x 10"

genghole info all together.png
$37.00 USD

Artist Statement

In the show, genghole was always such a huge jerk, we couldn’t imagine him any other way than giving the finger, with that self-satisfied grin of his. When we have him on display, though, we always tell people: he’s either giving the middle finger or saying he’s number 1!


Coconut's Critique

This work does not bear the stylistic graffiti effects of the previous two in the set—Dripsly and Hauntass—but is weighted with lines that flick and curve around the large, rounded body. The figure carries a white, toothy smirk with vertical and diagonal teeth. One eye flatlines in parallel to the corner of the smirk, creating a small squared center on the face, accentuated by the larger eye on the left.


A pair of horn-like protrusions stick up on the top of the head, with large ears pinched towards the left and right of the canvas.

$37.00 USD

The ghost set

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