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Mixed Media on Canvas

8" x 10"

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$37.00 USD

Artist Statement

This piece was one of the most collaborative works that we made. Pohly and I were trying to figure out a basic design and, as I love graffiti splatter and saw that immediately in the essence of the character was very gloppy and would work perfectly for a drippy, paint splatter style, we both spent a lot of time figuring out how to make that a reality on this canvas.


Coconut's Critique

Inspired by the techniques of graffiti artists, the collection ‘ghost set’ was Rawry & Pohly’s first experiment with those effects on the canvas medium.


A deep violet background surrounds the center where a controlled splatter sashays across the canvas, embellished with small circles of lavender. A pinched face centers the piece, with a biting lip and fangs.


The eyes are a deviation from other Rawry & Pohly works, enclosed in white with small, matching pupils cinched closely towards the center.

$37.00 USD

The ghost set

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