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Complete Collection

of Four (4)

Mixed Media on Canvas



Sassymander Straight.png
Derpasaur Straight new color.png
straight on.png
best color kachoo straight.png
$143.00 USD
sassy sketch.png
derp sketch.png
squirt sketch.png
kachoo sketch.png

Artist Statement

I asked Pohly to paint the original four canvases for me for our house in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. I love the starters and they carry a special place in my heart. In the series that he painted for me, Kachoo is larger, 9" x12", instead of 8" x10" and sits at the top of the four as a diamond shape on the wall. This is because I had the yellow version as a child and I always loved that one the most.

Coconut's Critique

The quintessential Rawry & Pohly work, the Starter Set, is a quadriptych consisting of four primary colours:

tree frog green, ripe orange, sky blue, and butter yellow.


As a collection, each of the pieces represents a different shape. Rectangular, square-like, circular, and triangular. Their brilliant colours create a complementary array. The use of pop-art minimalism and line variation, as well as jet black, create an arresting work that draws the eye.

$143.00 USD
Complete set of 4 Canvases

The starter set

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