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Gesamtkunstwerk in Business

Gesamtkunstwerk (pronounced geh-zampt-koonst-verk) is a German word meaning ''total work of art''.  It was introduced in the 19th century by an opera composer by the name of Richard Wagner, who felt that opera represented a total, or complete work of art. Later, the term was picked up by architects to create some of the most beautiful buildings around the world.    

Business Kiwi's Business Consulting for Businesses introduces the idea of Gesamtkunstwerk into how one can approach innovation, from idea to reality, in the world of business.  Rawry and Pohly creates art to celebrate the inner child.  What does this mean when this mantra is embraced alongside the realities outside of the world of art? 


Through BKBCB, the artists are challenging themselves to champion the imagination, vulnerabilities, and soul of their art to be more than a slogan of celebrating the inner child. 

In this journey, the artists Rawry & Pohly hope to inspire others by sharing the projects they embark on to prove the value of combing the professional and the inner child.  And if they have to use spreadsheets to do this, they will.




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Clients & Projects

Clients and Projects

Client: XYZ

Project: COVID and the Chinese New Years Festival.

Client: XYZ

Project: Merchandising of brand on apparel

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