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Business Kiwi's Business Consulting for Businesses

The BKBCB group is a Gesamtkunstwerk, or synthesis of the arts, by

Rawry & Pohly that showcases the application of the artists' mantra of celebrating the inner child in the world of business. 

What happens if a child, in all their imagination and fearlessness, commanded the experiences, resources, and teamwork skills their future professional adult versions would have? 


What does it mean to be professionally serious on being vulnerably curious and imaginative? 


Join Kiwi alongside his team of volunteers and board of mentors as he pursues his dream of becoming Business Kiwi in the real world.




Rawry always considered herself more of an intrapeneur, rather than an entrepeneur, someone who comes up with innovative concepts or efficiencies within the current context of a company. When asked to become an entrepeneur, Rawry decided it was time to take a risk and try something new—for adventure!




Before becoming an artist, and while he was in business school, Pohly had tremendous aspirations on becoming a consultant and entrepreneur.  When Business Kiwi approached Rawry & Pohly to join him on a businessy adventure of business, the answer was an immediate and passionate "Yes".     

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Business Kiwi


Business Kiwi always knew he wanted to be the best at business by surrounding himself with other professionals who were magicians in their unique areas of business expertise and passions.  BK quickly realized that if he wanted to be like his role model Gary Vee, he would have to leave his comfort zone on canvas, and venture into the real world.  

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email: Rawryandpohly@gmail.com




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