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Arrête C'est

L'heure du


$600.00 USD

HAND-PAINTED on Stretched Canvas

Acrylic, Ink, Sharpie, 10” x 8”

Coconut’s Analysis

A small, lone pig sits at the center of this bubblegum pink canvas. The subtle arch of the back swoops into the bulbous belly, and back up to the oversized nose, creating a simple, but effective shape that counters with the backwards movement of the ears. This dynamic use of shape in this piece breathes to life the 2D, minimalistic figure. With only two colours on this canvas, bubblegum pink and rose pink, the jet-black of the linework pops with great effect.

Artist Statement

1/2 of the Pig bros set

Piggy Smalls was designed after the larger pig, who has two names, both Waddles and Chris P. Bacon.

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$37.00 USD

The Pig Bros

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