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HAND-PAINTED on Stretched Canvas

Acrylic, Ink, Sharpie, 16” x 12”

The third canvas of four for the Fox Family

$58.00 USD
mom sketch.png
mom footprints.png

Coconut’s Analysis

The third in a quadriptych, the negative space on this canvas is filled with eggshell white. The bright orange body of the fox a bold colour iconic to Rawry & Pohly works. A large, eyelashes fox gazes backward, paused in movement, foot raised to step forwards. The momma fox presumably gazes backwards towards the Jr. Fox and Baby Fox following after her.

Artist Statement

3/4 of the

fox family set

The first iteration of this series ended with momma fox, looking back towards the children with care. The original triptych followed our usual pattern, of smaller to larger canvases. Eventually we had so many requests for poppa fox that we had to oblige.

$58.00 USD
baby fox paint.jpg
mulit media.jpg
momma fox info.png
hand painted.png
canvas info.png

The Fox Family

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