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Limited Edition of 80

38 Remaining as of  SEPTEMBER, 2020

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While at NYC, Rawry and Pohly held a pop-up gallery on Times Square, a lemonade stand for art,

if you will.  Not knowing that a permit was needed to sell before 11pm, they were approached by one of NYC's finest.  Hearing the story behind the art and why they were there for that one night a little early by accident, the officer bought a painting and became one of the first owners of Liberty Kiwi.

No tickets were given that day.

Liberty for Rawry and Pohly is being able to bring

out the inner child in others through art. 

And being able to buy a good cup of coffee.   


8"x10" stretched canvas.

Acrylics, Ink, and Pernament Marker.

Edition of 80.

38 remaining as of 09/2020.

$37.00 USD

Coconut's Critique

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Liberty Kiwi was an exclusive, numbered artwork, created specifically to commemorate the NYC show.

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he majority of the Kiwi collection focuses on kiwi’s in various

professions. Liberty Kiwi is the aberration.

In 2018, Rawry & Pohly travelled to New York City for the first time to show their work at a major event. Liberty Kiwi was an exclusive, numbered artwork, created specifically to commemorate the NYC show.


The right-facing character holds aloft an intricately detailed ice-cream cone in one hand and a coffee cup with a green logo pokes out in the background from the other.


This piece conveys a lot of movement, demonstrating once again Pohly’s background in animation. Detail and line-weight on this piece are accentuated in both the ice cream cone and the gown. The hat, as well, tapers into sharp points at the top of the head. This creates a line of action down the center of the piece and draws the eye to the embellishments, with the kiwi as a background.


This is one of the few canvases that deviates from the style of having the background colour match seamlessly with a detail on the body of the piece. The background is stand-alone, but still bold and flat, as is Rawry & Pohly’s style.

Artist's Statement

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The ice cream that the character is holding is a homage to Pohly’s childhood

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holding is a homage to Pohly’s childhood, where he worked at his

parent’s ice cream store for most of his after-school hours and weekends. Learning the trials of an entreprenuer, Pohly identified with the freedom and pressure his parents balanced through their work.


The coffee was both a call-back to Business Kiwi, a reference to the caffeine-fueled environment of NYC, and a slight nod to our obsession with coffee/ice-cream (I’m a bit of an affogato nut, but to be honest,

I like gelato in my affogato more than ice-cream).

ohly and I were incredibly excited to be heading out to New York

City for the first time ever. The ice cream that the character is

$37.00 USD


Thank you Mom & Dad for my entrepreneurial passion. -Pohly

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