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Art of Kachoo

Chai Tea Latte for 2

$22.00 USD
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I often ask myself, is it really that hard to make Chai tea? From scratch? Is it? I bet you’ve never asked yourself that.


Until today.


And I’ll tell you, it’s easy.


As long as you have a ridiculously well-stocked spice rack, some milk, and a mortar and pestle, we can do it. Together. Maybe.


The real question is, do you like crushing things? Do you like turning those crushed things into the dust of your enemies? Because we need that energy. Right now.


- 3 cloves

- 1 star anise

- 1 black cardamom

- A piece of cinnamon bark

- 6 peppercorns

- A dash of ginger powder or

  freshly crushed ginger

- A dash of nutmeg

- A dash of honey or

  another sweetener

- Enough milk for two mugs

- Art of Kachoo Mug(s)

Makes two mugs 

$22.00 USD