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HAND-PAINTED on Stretched Canvas

Acrylic, Ink, Sharpie, 9” x 12”

The second canvas of four for the Fox Family

$48.00 USD
jr fox sketch invert.png

Coconut’s Analysis

The second in a quadriptych, the negative space on this canvas is filled with eggshell white. The bright orange accents create the flash of bold colour iconic to Rawry & Pohly works. A fox playfully leaps runs horizontally across the canvas, taking up the entire bottom third of the canvas, feet outstretched as he pushes off the ground. This piece illustrates the talent of Pohly, the namesake for the artist Kevin Chow, in capturing movement in still images, acquired through his background training in animation.



Artist Statement

Jr. Fox is running to catch up. Both momma and poppa are ahead. There’s a feeling of growth and aging to the canvases that we intended the viewer to feel. The younger foxes have additional energy and are racing, whereas the older are more responsible.

2/4 of the

fox family set

$48.00 USD
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The Fox Family

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