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Baby Fox Straight.png
Jr fox straight.png
Momma Fox Straight.png
Poppa Fox Straight.png
Baby Fox Angle.png
angle Jr.png
Momma Fox Angle 2.png
Poppa Fox Angle 2.png
poppa fox brush.png



HAND-PAINTED on Stretched Canvas

Acrylic, Ink, Sharpie,

The Complete set of four canvases for the Fox Family

$190.00 USD
poppa fox sketch.png
mom sketch.png
jr fox sketch invert.png
white sketch baby fox.png

all 4 of the fox family set

Coconut’s Analysis

A quadriptych focused on utilizing the negative space on the canvas,a bright eggshell white.  The series follows the progression of smaller to larger foxes, their movements reminiscent of a walking animation.  The small fox jumps playfully chasing after a slightly larger, older, running fox.  The slim looking Momma fox looks backwards with care, while the Poppa fox trots forwards unwittingly.

The stark variation in linework on the tail is distinct, especially unmistakable to the style in this series.

Artist Statement

We designed each character in the family, baby fox, jr. fox, momma fox, poppa fox, to be interchangeable. You could buy two momma foxes or two poppas or only baby or three Jrs. We wanted there to be the option of building the kind of family that you wanted. I have, more than once, sold them in unique combinations to families looking to have their family represented by these unique characters.

all together.png
$190.00 USD
Complete set of 4 Canvases

The Fox Family

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