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Mixed Media on Canvas

9" x 12"

cone of shame info.png
$48.00 USD

Artist Statement

Since we were basing this series off of Pohly’s dad’s dog, it was only natural that we would find one that could be wearing a cone of shame, something most dog owners experience. The goofy cone usually carries feelings of both pity and humour.

Coconut's Critique

At the center of this sky blue canvas is a dog-like figure biting their own tail. The use of the cone-like protrusion from the character’s neck is the reason for the monicker

Cone of Shame.  The eyes accentuate the shape of the face, pushing the edges in teardrop form.

The fin-like extensions move off of the figure’s face, accented with a brightly coloured cream yellow.


The cobalt blue spiking fins tracing around the tail create a line of action that accentuate the curve of the body and tail.

$48.00 USD

The Eveederp set

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