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Baby Fox Straight.png
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paw prints white.png
paw prints white.png

HAND-PAINTED on Stretched Canvas

Acrylic, Ink, Sharpie, 10” x 8”

The first canvas of four for the Fox Family

$37.00 USD
white sketch baby fox.png

Coconut’s Analysis

Negative space on this canvas is filled with eggshell white. The bright orange accents create the flash of bold colour iconic to Rawry & Pohly works. A fox playfully leaps diagonally across the canvas towards the bottom right, feet outstretched for a landing. This piece illustrates the talent of Pohly, the namesake for the artist Kevin Chow, in capturing movement in still images, acquired through his background training in animation.


The bold black linework accentuates the stark use of shape to create the form, flicking off the edges in deliberate, sketch-styled strokes. In minimalistic fashion, the piece finds truth in the simplicity of design, while simultaneously anchoring a pop-art styled figure as the center. Flashes of colour intersperse the deep black of the linework, in a deliberate exhibition of the artist’s hand.


Artist Statement

1/4 of the

fox family set

After deciding to make a family of foxes, baby fox was a natural starting point.

Pohly wanted to give the series movement, to feel like the walk cycle of an animation, but growing older.

webcomic pass comic.jpg
$37.00 USD
baby fox paint.jpg
mulit media.jpg
baby fox info png.png
catch up png.png
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wood framed png.png

The Fox Family

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