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    ou don’t have to be vegan or twist yourself into a      pretzel, sometimes doing yoga is just learning to

touch your toes again.

Strengthening those muscles.

Reaching the top shelf in the pantry.

Yoga Kiwi can help with that.

Yoga Kiwi Straight.png


$37.00 USD

Coconut's Critique

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This anchoring embellishes the rotund arch of

the stomach.

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he use of horizontal lines for the mat and vertical lines for the legs,

forms a unique angle off which the rest of the design is anchored.

This anchoring embellishes the rotund arch of the stomach, as the piece plays with normalizing the idea of yoga stretching the form in ways that are naturally more bulbous. The line of the body curves off of the legs and utilizes the varied line weight to create a shadow on the bottom of the pants The background of this purple canvas deviates from the others in that it is not a colour represented on the character. 

Yoga Kiwi belongs to the kiwi collection, a series depicting kiwis in a variety of professions or costumes. The originator of this series is Business Kiwi.

Artist's Statement

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That was just another facet of our lives and that was okay.

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Yoga Kiwi was born of a request while we were at a convention in Regina, Saskatchewan.


Rawry also loves yoga.  Occasionally.

s we explored the different kinds of professions for Kiwi to be, in the

beginning we mostly listened to requests or recommendations.

$37.00 USD


The longest journey of any person is the journey inward



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